SICHUAN SHENG YANG CNC MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO, Ltd. was established in 1995, is the production of all-intelligent WEDM machine-based state-level high-tech enterprises, the company set up wholly-owned production base - Zigong Jiate CNC Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. A wholly-owned R & D institutions - Zigong Intel Software Technology Co., Ltd., the company and the Sichuan University of Science and Technology set up an electric processing theory laboratory; company has received two patents, including more than 20 national patents, two national software copyright Certificate, with an interdisciplinary cross-field with the original strength of the R & D team; company’s products with its high-precision technical indicators and intelligent control technology to become truly intelligent in the thread cutting core technology leader; the company always adhere to the The domestic market-oriented, the international market to supplement, take the combination of technological innovation and management innovation innovation-driven development of the road, with digital technology to create independent high-end brand innovation, unswervingly for the customer R & D manufacturing with simple labor production complex products High-end intelligent machine tools.

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