Company establishment and development process

1998 production of the first CNC WEDM DKM280
2000, Shenyang Company acquired the original Zigong City Pulling Pipe Factory and set up Zigong Jiate CNC Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
2003 formally passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification.
2004 made the People’s Republic of China import and export business credentials.
2004 formally established electric processing technology research and development center.
2006 through the EU CE safety system certification.
2007 independent research and development of China’s first line cutting machine intelligent expert operating system, the first to achieve the intelligent operation of the machine.
2008 won the focus of technological innovation projects in Sichuan Province, won the Ministry of Commerce export product research and development funding projects won the construction of innovative enterprises in Sichuan Province enterprises.
2008 successfully developed electrode wire intelligent tension control system, the electrode wire tension to achieve precise and timely control, and has been the national invention patent
2008 won the national high-tech enterprises.
2009 acquisition of laser interferometer, roundness measuring instrument, roughness tester, bearing inspection instrument, universal tool microscope and a number of precision measuring instruments, the formal establishment of precision metering room
2009 the formal establishment of WEDM process laboratories
2009 CTP400 all intelligent walking wire cutting machine access to the national "Torch Plan" project.
2009 the first successful research and development of electrode wire knife library control system, the wire diameter to achieve precise automatic control, and access to national patents.
2010 to reflect the profound culture of the official opening of the garden-style office park - Yung Park
A total of 28 national patents were obtained in 2010, of which 19 were authorized.
2010 won the Sichuan SME Innovation Fund.
2011 ERP management system officially run the company.
2011 to achieve 30 ° large taper without a guide wire multiple cutting, Ra = 1.2, to fill the national blank, access to major technological breakthroughs.
2011 independent research and development rotary multi-unit EDM machine tools, and apply for invention patents.
2011 independent innovation R & D line cutting machine dedicated electronic scale, and apply for a patent

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