Since the advent of Chinese-style fast wire cutting machine to the recent years, the emergence of wire cutting machine, after 30 years of history, can be described as a qualitative leap.

    May be on the market in the line of wire cutting machine looking forward to a long time, making the wire walking machine in the emergence of a quick success into the misunderstanding, only two or three years of time on the market line of wire cutting machine awareness from the hope Became disappointed. At present, most of the threading machine is in the fast-track machine on the basis of the increase in the number of cutting function, plus a very inconvenient silk guide wire, in other areas, whether it is the structure of the machine or in the intelligent control are No contribution. So the operability is very poor, the operator’s skill requirements far more than fast wire, even more than walking wire. The fierce competition in the market economy led to accelerated social rhythm, the continuous loss of human resources, which will make the cost of labor and quality, skills decline. If the use of walking wire cutting machine on the operator’s skill requirements are too high, must not be accepted by the market.

Currently on the market most of the wire walking machine in the technical performance of the following fatal flaws:
1. Large area of low roughness of the stable cutting.
2. Guaranteed for absolute dimensional accuracy.
3. Consistency error of multiple identical parts.
4. Positioning accuracy of porous positioning.
5. The height of the "olive" shape error.

There are more serious problems in operability:

1. The operator should have very skilled silk and tight silk skills.
2. To be able to rely on experience at any time to pay attention to and remove the wire wire elastic changes.
3. It is necessary to use a guide that is extremely inconvenient to wear silk, which is the patience of the operator.
4. Operators to master the different materials, different thickness of the combination of various electrical parameters, matching, if not quite experienced and time verification is very difficult to do.

  Regardless of the thread in the cutting machine in the performance of the fatal flaw or operability on the serious shortage, in the final analysis are in the wire cutting machine tool in the huge gap in technology, are technically immature. If these problems are not resolved, in the wire cutting machine will eventually be abandoned by the market. Because of this, my company through unremitting efforts, in the wire cutting machine tool for independent innovation and research and development has made a breakthrough. The latest third-generation all-intelligent wire cutting machine in both technical indicators or in the operability can be comparable with the walking machine.

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