VIP use of the Interim Measures

One, where the purchase of deep Yang products spare parts to produce this card can enjoy 9.5 discount;
Second, where a purchase of CTP, the series of all intelligent walking machine 2 (including 2) more than one customer can get a value of 2,000 yuan WEDM machine supplies gifts, the specific requirements are as follows:
1, the acceptance of 10 working days within the full amount to Sichuan Shenyang company account, and no warranty (deferred payment cancellation VIP qualification);
2, each customer only one gift;
3, only gift machine terminal buyer’s VIP VIP;
4, VIP VIP qualifications to be submitted by the Sichuan Shen Yang company designated personnel audit.
Third, to accept the gift VIP VIP to the following information sent back to Sichuan Shen Yang company:
1, the business contract supplier’s written seal to prove that this VIP is the ultimate recipient of the VIP guests;
2, a copy of the contract;
3, received VIP VIP to fill out a file table;
4, when to meet all the above conditions, by the Sichuan deep company will send gifts VIP VIP address.




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