Electrode wire intelligent knife library control system

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¡ô The system is drawing on the tooling control concept of the machining center. The intelligent control system (national patent product) is realized by the independent innovation research and development of the wire cutting machine from roughing to finishing wire electrode wire.
¡ô system structure: system design, including tool change signal transmission unit, the control unit, the implementing agencies, testing agencies.
¡ô process principle: when the work system according to the operator¡¯s processing technology requirements, the control unit control the barrel to automatically rough, finishing switch, roughing the use of rough processing area electrode wire (equivalent to roughing tool), rough processing , The system issued a finishing signal, when receiving the finishing signal, the control unit control actuator automatically switch to the finishing area electrode wire operation (equivalent to put on the finishing tool)

Process principle:
¡ô Due to the characteristics of fine cutting unilateral discharge grinding, the loss of the electrode wire is almost zero, the mechanical properties of the wire are almost unchanged, thus ensuring the process requirements of the workpiece finishing.
¡ô to complete the finishing process; re-processing, the system has resumed from coarse to fine processing, all processes are fully intelligent implementation, without operator intervention.

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