The core technology of the fourth generation of all intellig

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LI Ke-jun 1, LIU Kang 2, 3, LIU Zhen-ming 1, CHEN Li-xin 1, YANG De-sheng 1,

National special processing academic conference papers

    Abstract: This paper analyzes the current situation of the walking wire technology, expounds the development trend of the walking wire technology and the technical way of improving the performance. It illustrates the symbolic core technology of the fourth generation, and standardizes the technical index of the high-end walking machine , Pointed out the importance of human design and solutions
    Key words: fourth generation; high-end walking machine; core technology; important technical indicators


    First, the status quo
    Chinese characteristics from the reciprocating WEDM machine tool development has been developed, has gone through more than 40 spring and autumn, ups and downs, witnessed the Chinese manufacturing industry from small to large, from weak to strong; if the reciprocating thread cutting Technology development is a microcosm of the development of China¡¯s industry, then the depth of the 18th century after the deepening of the reform of the Chinese characteristics of the line cutting technology also came to a crucial period; but the reality is that the wire walking The development of technology is not very satisfactory, most of the current market in the machine tool still there are four aspects of the serious defects:
    1. Large area, low roughness continuous and stable cutting;
    2. Consistency error of multiple identical parts.
    3. Positioning accuracy of porous positioning.
    4. Longitudinal dimension error in height direction.
    There are more serious problems in operability:
    1. The operator should have very skilled silk and tight silk skills.
    2. To be able to rely on experience at any time to pay attention to and remove the wire wire elastic changes.
    3. Must use a wire guide that is extremely inconvenient.
    4. Operators to master the different materials, different thickness of the combination of various electrical parameters, matching, if not quite experienced and time verification is very difficult to do.
    Whether it is technical defects or operational problems, in the final analysis is the lack of technological innovation, if these problems can not be resolved, in the wire cutting machine will eventually be abandoned by the market. And WEDM manufacturing enterprises have to consider the direction of development rather than product technology transformation.


    Second, innovative technology innovation concept
    1, take the machine in the advanced division of the machine
    With the level of walking in the advanced nature is only a try, although not necessarily accurate but can reflect the development trend, but also for the development of the wire to provide a directional reference;


    Note: The slow walking wire in the table refers to the entry-level walking machine

    2, the fourth generation in the machine logo
    2.1, fully closed loop adaptive AC servo electrode wire tension control system (access to national invention patent: ZL200810046296.5)
    The fourth generation is developed on the basis of the third generation, the electrode wire tension control more accurate and more humane; the use of dual sensors to achieve high-speed operation of the wire in the two-way monitoring wire, Processing area tension of the adaptive correction, when the electrode wire running maintenance abnormalities when the system to achieve automatic shutdown alarm.
    Tension control accuracy of 0.2 cattle / 0.5 seconds
    2.2, the first breakthrough in the tension of multiple cutting technology
    In the multi-cutting, the system according to the instructions of the database, the cutting time for each cut to set the value of the switch, although the absolute value of each tension is not the same, but every time the cutting operation of the electrode wire tension to maintain accurate and constant, This is an effective way to solve the longitudinal dimension error of the workpiece under low roughness
    3, the new technology to bring the new concept - five-axis linkage
    The five-axis linkage of the thread cutting machine is different from the general CNC machine tool (rotary axis), the original XYUVZ five shafts in the machine, but must be linked only XYUV four axes, where the sixth axis refers to the tension control shaft (F axis), the tension control shaft structure is linear guide, ball screw fully closed loop AC servo control, and in the large taper cutting F axis must be echoed with the UV axis control, so the F axis to form a linkage with the UV axis, so This is not the same as the traditional sense of the linkage, we believe that the new concept of numerical control technology, but also the fourth generation of the machine to take one of the signs, five-axis linkage is to solve the large taper workpiece without wire cutter to cut the surface Roughness of the effective way.
    4, to enhance the quality of the machine tool to take the way
    1), must have the performance of advanced expert database system, completely out of the operator¡¯s personal skills;
    2), the electrode wire tension to implement dynamic precise control, which is by the operator can not be achieved;
    3), according to the characteristics of the machine in the wire machine, the wire diameter of the wire when the constant constant control;
    4), R & D in the wire dedicated control system software to achieve high precision on the function, to achieve pitch error compensation function;
    5), to carry out the application of human design, only the operation of the wire machine is easy and simple, will be accepted by the market.


Third, the core technology
    3.1, the third generation of intelligent expert control system
    1, high-frequency parameters of intelligent: the system will be based on the user to select the workpiece material, workpiece thickness, automatically select high-frequency parameters.
    2, the number of cutting intelligent: the system will be based on the user¡¯s surface quality of the workpiece to provide the number of cuts required to guide the user programming.
    3, the processing of the amount of intelligent: in a number of cutting, in order to ensure a good surface finish and workpiece size, the system will be based on the user¡¯s workpiece requirements, each cutting the processing margin table, guide the user programming.
    4, cutting tracking intelligent: the system will be based on high-frequency parameters and processing margin, automatically adjust the feed tracking frequency. (Innovation)
    5, short circuit to determine intelligence: the system can automatically monitor the discharge state, according to the discharge state control table feed, to avoid the actual short circuit. (Innovation)
    6, silk speed control intelligent: in the cutting process, the system can be cut according to the high-frequency parameters automatically switch the wire speed.
    7, the tension parameter intelligent: the system according to the number of cuts, automatically switch the tension value, and the tension value to the tension control system. (Innovation)
    9, expert database for the open design, the user can be based on their own experience in the data to modify the data to form their own dedicated database.
    10, the system has a low-energy high-speed feed automatic switching function: the first time in the cutting of the current is large, the workpiece surface due to oxide layer easy to blow molybdenum wire; the system does not touch the workpiece when the high-speed feed , When the electrode wire contact with the workpiece automatically switch to low-energy cutting, to avoid burning molybdenum wire, when the electrode wire completely cut into the workpiece, the system will automatically return to normal high energy settings, the normal cutting. (China¡¯s first, independent innovation)
    11, efficient intermittent processing function: When the molybdenum wire and the workpiece is not in contact (empty cut), the system automatically feed the tracking speed to the fastest, and once the molybdenum wire contact with the workpiece, the system will automatically track the frequency recovery Normal setting, normal cutting. This function can improve the empty speed when the cutting is invalid, reduce the time of invalid cutting; in the case of unattended to achieve efficient intermittent processing. (China¡¯s first, independent innovation)
    12, EDM dynamic spectrum display: the user can intuitively understand the cutting tracking situation.
    13, the user can choose according to the actual situation multiple cutting or single cutting control, in a single cutting control system will be based on the user to select the different processing current, will automatically select good parameters. (Innovation)
    3.2, intelligent tension control system function: (invention patent)
    The control system is my company independent innovation research and development of high-precision wire tension control system, access to national invention patents, with completely independent intellectual property rights. The system is full digital, fully closed loop, high corresponding AC servo control system, the high-speed operation of the electrode wire tension control accuracy of 0.2N / 0.5s. The system uses liquid crystal display, human-computer interaction, intuitive and simple, with the following practical Features:
    1, with automatic wire control function;
    2, with automatic wire control function;
    3, with a silk frame without lifting wire function;
    4, with electrode wire tension precision timely compensation function;
    5, with broken wire protection function;
    6, with a parameter power memory protection function;
    7, with real-time display tension value of the function;
    8, with tension wheel position manual adjustment function;
    9, with tension adjustment wheel overtravel protection;

    3.3, electrode wire knife library control system (Patent No .: 2011 20048111.1)
    The system is based on the tool center control concept, developed by our company independent research and development of the WEDM from roughing to finishing the process of wire to achieve automatic replacement of the intelligent control system; system design, including tool change signal transmission unit , Control unit, actuator, detection mechanism. The theoretical basis is that the mechanical properties of the electrode wire are proportional to the diameter and inversely proportional to the discharge energy. When the working system is in accordance with the requirements of the operator¡¯s machining process, the control unit controls the barrel to automatically perform the coarse and finishing switching, Processing area electrode wire (equivalent to roughing tool), rough processing is completed, the system issued a finishing signal, when receiving the finishing signal, the control unit control actuator automatically switch to the finishing area electrode wire operation (equivalent to put on Finishing tool), due to intensive cutting with a small energy unilateral discharge grinding characteristics, the electrode wire loss is almost zero, the mechanical properties of the wire almost unchanged, thus ensuring the workpiece finishing process requirements, thus completed Finishing process; re-processing, the system has resumed from coarse to fine processing, all processes are fully intelligent implementation, without operator intervention.
    3.4, the first Windows XP system running in the wire dedicated control software
    The software is my company and the Sichuan Institute of Technology to "production and research" approach, after five years of research and development, is completely independent of intellectual property rights in the wire control system; the system based on Windows XP system running, in the inheritance of existing lines Cutting machine tool control function on the basis of reference to the walking machine system, developed a "matrix" positioning accuracy compensation function, positioning pitch error compensation function, as well as accurate automatic centering function, and automatic vertical function.

    Fourth, the application of human design
    4.1, the main wheel waterproof assembly (Patent No .: ZL200420033291.6)
    Has a better waterproof effect, easy disassembly combination
    4.2, Z-axis structure (patent number: ZL 02 2 2005.4)
    The use of imported linear guide, ball screw structure, the first Z-axis Z-axis structure to the wire in the machine, so that the horizontal direction of the Z-axis positioning accuracy of 0.002 or less, automatic lifting operation is simple, and Z-axis lift Do not remove the electrode wire;
    4.3, guide wheel protection (patent pending)
    Not only for the protection of the guide wheel and the sensor, but also to achieve as long as the wire into the protector, even if the wire in the relaxed state will never fall from the guide wheel V-shaped groove, the patented technology to wear Wire operation is extremely simple
    4.4, the new transition guide wheel positioning components (Patent No .: 2011 20074850.8)
    Components for the external thread structure, guide wheel jacket design has a unified axial positioning steps, can be very convenient to ensure that all guide wheel positioning in the same space plane, and disassembly is very simple,
    4.5, composite long life conductive block (patent number: ZL 200820140769.3)
    The conductive block for the plum wafer shape, the outer ring for the YG8 carbide, the middle of the mosaic of copper, the level of installation, the electrode wire and conductive block end contact, both wear and tear conductivity and good, after the rotation of a small angle can continue Use, turn a week after the flip can also be used in the same way, regardless of the conductivity or service life are dozens of traditional conductive blocks;
    4.6, frame-type folding door sink (patent number: ZL2009 20 304351.6)
    To solve the workbench waterproof board does not fall to the requirements, in order to wear silk easy to operate, the sink does not use the way to open the door on both sides, but one side folding open the door, the main structure is to reduce the weight.
    These patented design compared with the core technology, may be small insects, but they have a very large practical significance, not only to the operator a great convenience, its guiding ideology also fully embodies the people-oriented scientific concept of development.

    Fifth, the acceptance of high-end walking machine important indicators
    High-end walking machine tool is not the core technology show, but not acting, but to bayonet see red to kill a trail, but to really create a higher value for the user, but to bravely close to walking wire, So the high-end wire walking machine tool indicators must have a real, high-end, which is mainly reflected in the high-precision requirements, stability requirements, and human operation requirements; we refer to the National Standard for walking machine and combined with the thread The characteristics of the machine, the development of the assessment of the real high-end wire walking machine technical indicators;
    In the absence of the use of any form of wire guide in the state:
    1, surface roughness: Ra ¡Ü 1.0um / 30000 mm².
    2, the absolute size of the accuracy error: ¡Ü ¡À 0.005mm.
    3, the consistency of the size of the error: ¡Ü 0.005mm / 30 pieces.
    4, the vertical size error: ¡Ü 0.005 / 100 mm.
    5, machine positioning accuracy: according to the national standard acceptance of walking
    6,30 ¡ã large taper without thread guide multiple cutting Ra ¡Ü 1.2um / 30000mm ²

    Core technology is not the purpose of accurate quantitative technical indicators is the value, compared with the core technology, the user is more concerned about is a complete technical indicators, it is clear the accuracy requirements, but also to the stability of the clear specification, combined with the previous The humanized application design, thus, whether it is a serious technical defects or operational problems on the serious problems have been effectively resolved; high-end wire walking machine precision indicators of course is the core technology created, but when we put These core technologies used in a brand in Taizhou body, but because of "acclimatized" and can not meet these accuracy requirements, which once again that no matter how good the core technology should have to match the host platform.


    In short, the core technology is to rely on independent research and development, in the time need to continue to innovate, never-ending, in space to more disciplines, multi-field integration and innovation, which requires a high-quality innovation team, To have the "old and strong do not fall Albatron of the Chi, poor and easy to move the heart of the heart," the firm will, but also dare to face the R & D personnel flow to the enterprise innovation and R & D to bring high risk, so that the control of high-end In the development of the machine

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