The Misunderstanding of the Development of Thread Cutting Te

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Li Kejun
National special processing academic conference papers

    Abstract: This paper analyzes the problems existing in the technical indicators of the walking wire, expounds the development direction of the walking wire technology and points out the importance and the solution of the humanized design. It analyzes the independent innovation mode of the walking wire technology, The Role of Enterprise Culture in the Independent Innovation of Wire Cutting Technology.
    Key words: walking wire cutting machine; core technology; important technical indicators; innovative model; innovative culture.


    In 2014, as China¡¯s deepening reform of the first year, people expect the long political cycle to bring the stimulus policy did not appear, tightened against the transformation, has become the new central government consensus, as a member of the manufacturing sector, China¡¯s WEDM machine tool industry in the economic slowdown overcapacity in the environment has no retreat, or leave, or reborn transformation; leave is also a transition, the same need for wisdom and courage.


    Multi-cutting technology is indeed a round-trip wire cutting technology transformation and upgrading of the direction of development, but it is worth noting that the market is ready to make round-trip wire cutting technology development of some quick success phenomenon, and some even for some Indicators of exaggeration propaganda; ignore, laissez-faire this phenomenon, will be mistaken, cumbersome, the development of wire-cutting machine tool industry is also very unfavorable.


     First, the technical indicators of the errors

    In view of the one-sidedness of these technical indicators, although in the process of making the national standard in the process of trying to carry out some useful attempts, but also the legislature, have to consider the uneven level of the industry, can only be gradual, more or more Rely on manufacturers to raise awareness, in the key core technology to enhance the industry¡¯s independent innovation capability:

    1, the maximum efficiency indicators and sustainability
    Reciprocating wire is different from the one-way wire, for the slow walking machine tool in terms of the maximum processing efficiency is an absolute value, not to the premise of the electrode wire blown to maximize the energy processing, so there is the largest processing Efficiency, which is the advantage of the one-time use of the wire; and in the wire cutting machine tool electrode wire is reciprocating cycle, had to consider the continuity of recycling, so the cutting efficiency should be a relative value; regardless of any consequences The maximum cutting efficiency of the wire walking machine is of no practical value, can only be used for testing; in the wire cutting machine cutting efficiency should be a relative value, or with efficiency and sustainability to assess more scientific, if clearly tell the customer This machine is very efficient but can only cut a dozen minutes on the broken wire, the customer will accept it, simply tell the maximum cutting efficiency of the customer is irresponsible.

    2, low roughness index and continuity
    Reciprocating wire multiple cutting technology to improve the quality of surface roughness become a reality, the surface roughness has become the supply and demand sides of the wire walking machine cutting machine focus and promotion of the focus, in the wire cutting machine manufacturers to raise the value of Ra Is also getting lower and lower, and some even reached the Ra = 0.8, we do not deny that the Ra value is certainly the smaller the better, but a large area of continuous maintenance of the Ra value of the processing is far more important than the Ra value itself, Ra and then low only cut a small sample is of no practical value, only when the processing process in the Ra value enough to maintain a complete set of mold or a number of parts processing, in order to accept the market, so that simply speak the surface The value of the roughness does not account for the continuity of the customer is also irresponsible.

    3, processing accuracy and consistency
    In the thread cutting machine is characterized by the same processing surface for multiple cutting, and the biggest feature of multiple cutting is unilateral discharge, which is difficult to control the dynamic control of the wire is unprecedented, a variety of uncertain factors will change The stability of the machining accuracy, consistency is even more important, when using multiple cutting process continuous cutting ten or even dozens of the same sample, their consistency error is far more than the accuracy itself More important, the size of the accuracy of the best, if the size of the discrete large, in the batch parts and jumping die precision machining is not interchangeability; consistency error is also the accuracy of the time specification.

    4, positioning accuracy and closed-loop control
    As the machine tool in the surface roughness has improved significantly, the market for CNC type machine positioning accuracy of the original demand is bound to return, in order to meet the urgent needs of this market, some manufacturers of wire cutting machine full closed-loop control To promote the publicity significantly increased; I do not know the manufacturer¡¯s own ignorance and walked into the closed loop of the errors, or intentionally or unintentionally, the customer led the whole closed-loop errors, a small number of enterprises seem to guarantee the accuracy of machine positioning completely in the closed-loop control ; In fact, in order to really play the full closed-loop control of the technical characteristics of the machine¡¯s own structure and manufacturing process level is a very critical basis to ensure that; As we all know, the scale of the detection position is not the machine processing position, the distance between the two In addition, the system error and the system error will directly affect the measurement accuracy of the grating, so that the actual distance of the machining position is not consistent with the measurement distance of the grating, so the distance between the machining position and the measurement To enhance the positioning accuracy of the machine is not only the whole closed-loop control can be achieved overnight , Must have a reasonable design of the machine structure and mature manufacturing process as a solid foundation, the whole closed-loop control technology can really play a role, if a tens of thousands of dollars fast walking machine with a closed-loop control can be slow to go Silk machine bed the same positioning accuracy, then those who take the wire machine manufacturers will either be mad, or itself is crazy.

    5, large taper and surface roughness
    China¡¯s reciprocating thread cutting machine machine more than 30 ¡ã large taper processing itself is a big advantage, the processing cost is far lower than the walking machine, some can produce large taper line cutting machine business in this area made a lot of research and development And the promotion, but intentionally or unintentionally, to avoid the large taper surface roughness; Imagine, in today¡¯s labor costs soared, when our customers see a large taper rough and covered with stripes, had to use A large number of artificial grinding, the customer¡¯s mood can be imagined, so from the surface roughness of the large taper processing can not meet the needs of high-end market.


    Second, the operating performance of misunderstanding

    If the technical indicators of the market is the key to high-end product identification, then the operating performance of the machine will directly determine whether the customer can really get these indicators; technical indicators and human operation is the core technology of people-oriented development of two different aspects, Wire cutting machine tool technical indicators must rely entirely on the operator¡¯s "craft" to complete, then the thread cutting machine to lose its practical value, it can not ensure that all users, and technical quality of the uneven operation of each operator Can easily reach the precise technical indicators, which is currently in the wire cutting machine is difficult to promote the key. In China¡¯s demographic dividend has no advantage in the case of the manufacturing industry is an inevitable direction of intelligent manufacturing, but there is a considerable in the wire machine technology continues to introduce new, but the actual application is still stuck in the skills of the operator Rely on, in the final analysis, or the lack of innovation in the industry.


    Three errors, innovative model of

    China¡¯s manufacturing innovation is an indisputable fact, but we have the courage to say that this is not the result; in the wire cutting machine to truly achieve technological innovation breakthrough, first of all to get out of the misunderstanding; the current thread walking technology On some of the changes, strictly speaking is not independent innovation, and some just independent research and development, and some even just independent production, independent innovation is built on independent production, independent research and development on a higher level, reciprocating wire cutting machine Industry cooperation and development, but in the current market mechanism and the law is not perfect environment, this cooperation is fragile; indeed, "production and research" innovative model in the country¡¯s major projects to play an irreplaceable important role in the field, But it is the political life of the participants as the driving force of the mechanism; in the wire machine to the enterprise-led "production and research" innovative model will certainly play an important role, but the power of this model mechanism to be explored; true meaning On the independent innovation is in the enterprise¡¯s life and death test inspired by the.


    The new technology first comes from leading the way to the idea of innovative ideas, such as the fourth generation of all-intelligent walking wire technology concept, the electrode wire knife library of the control concept, the electrode wire tension control and coordinate control of the five-axis linkage concept, Multi-cut when the variable tension control, and then through independent research and development, independent production, to achieve commercialization, which may be a more realistic model of innovation; in the silk technology innovation and development to come today by plagiarism, cottage is not too May be, one is derived from only the unique in China can not go to the "division of the technology to the barbarians," Second, the market line of wire cutting machine is expected to be able to replace the real part of the wire, The state of intellectual property protection gradually increased, which destined to take the wire cutting technology transformation and upgrading must be an original innovation of the difficult and sustained road, not only to persevere and continuous innovation, but also multi-disciplinary multi-field Of the integration of innovation, in the development of wire cutting technology needs is the core technology of the system rather than a move, the difficulty of the process may be no less than walking Cutting machine tools.


    Fourth, errors culture of innovation

    Innovation to promote industrial development, innovation also requires the carrying of culture, even the "production and research" model is to be business-oriented, which requires a combination of high-quality, practical team of innovation, And in the market economy environment, why all the enterprises can be immune, the flow of people, "quit digging the wall", quick success, the size of the boss to rise up, coupled with the "Labor Law" on the disadvantaged groups tend to protect, making small and medium enterprises to Cohesion of a R & D team both difficult and more risky, the reality version of the "three monks carrying water" fable often staged, and a realistic team of innovation and more than three monks.
A high-quality R & D team is not entirely with the money to win over, the conditions are no high "headhunting" to open the high, the temptation is no big when the boss¡¯s temptation, recall some of our business side, and even our own, From the betrayal began to glorious it; hypocritical care may be drifting away, small grace is no different from the woman¡¯s benevolence; knowledge is not necessarily a culture, informants may not matter, value, goals, beliefs of unity is Long-term stability of the good policy, which is perhaps we can really have a highly efficient technical force lies.


    The new government to maximize the tolerance of economic slowdown, reflecting the respect for the market, is to restrain the economic restructuring of the restructuring, is to allow enterprises in the real market and "wolf" dance to survive Test, "Health" must be wise and innovative transformation, "death" is also a transformation, and the need for a larger pattern of greater vision, reborn transformation, only a profound understanding of reality to identify their own development direction , Reciprocating thread cutting machine can be truly a full range of independent innovation to achieve gorgeous transformation.


    Author brief introduction: Li Kejun, born in June 1961, general manager, engineer, mainly engaged in reciprocating wire EDM cutting machine multiple cutting and intelligent.
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