Opportunities and Challenges for the Development of China ¡®s

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Li Kejun
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Abstract: This paper analyzes the opportunities of the Chinese economy in the market of the wire cutting machine after entering the downstream channel, points out the direction and path of the future development of the wire cutting machine, and also analyzes the severe challenges of the development of the wire cutting machine in China.
Key words: China wire cutting machine tool transformation: development opportunities and challenges

2014 is the Communist Party of China after the 18th century to deepen the reform of the first year, in the face of economic growth shift period, the structural adjustment of the pain period, pre-stimulation of the digestion period of the three superposition, only deepening reform can only re-release vitality, Economy, especially small and medium enterprises to bear the warrior broken wrist, scraping bone poisoning pain, but also had to keep up with the pace of reform, in 7% to 7.5% of GDP to find their own limited opportunities; and WEDM machine manufacturing enterprises Not only to small and medium enterprises, and the market is unique, small space, how to transform the development, it is necessary to understand the situation, identify the direction, a little careless will come to the rich and empty, close to leave.

First, China¡¯s wire cutting machine tool industry in the next five years of development opportunities

One of the opportunities: 2014 GDP optimistic is expected to not exceed 7.5%, and 2015 GDP consensus is 7.0%, which is the basis of China¡¯s economic operation, all the market opportunities are derived from these seven points, we must To a positive attitude to understand and accept the seven points, only to adjust the mind to see the market, see the opportunity, as long as GDP growth will certainly have the opportunity to enhance the global economic downturn in the background, 7% The GDP has been very valuable.

Opportunity two: China¡¯s manufacturing power status in the lower countries continue to be eroded by the lower human resources, but for the machinery manufacturing industry, especially precision machinery manufacturing, due to the complexity of technology and management and special, China¡¯s manufacturing power status not only Weakened, but still strengthened, the total decline is not the weakening of status, but the international economic recovery is weak; so the status of manufacturing power for our WEDM needs to provide a valuable and of course limited market opportunities.

Opportunity three: after 2014 China will enter the high processing of the industrial stage;
2000 to 2006 is the stage of light industrialization, characterized by labor-intensive;
2007 to 2013 is the stage of heavy industrialization, characterized by capital-intensive;
2014 ~ 2018 is a high processing industry stage, characterized by technology-intensive;
Of course, high processing is bound to the machine tool manufacturing industry has a higher performance requirements, to meet the demand is the market opportunity;

Opportunity of the four: foreign similar products Achilles heel
Accurate and stable low roughness of more than 1000mm large line cutting process, 60 ¡ã large taper low roughness multiple cutting processing, 150 ~ 200mm high thickness and low roughness of the multiple cutting processing, if the use of foreign walking wire The application cost of the machine is quite expensive, which naturally provides the market space for the centering machine in the middle of the wire, and it is possible to challenge the Winning Machine Machine with the great cost advantage and win the opportunity.

Opportunity five: Industrial 4.0 times
Industrial 4.0 is the traditional manufacturing and modern information technology, a high degree of integration, is the intelligent manufacturing technology, which is the general trend of the development of manufacturing industry, in the realization of intelligent machine can be the most simple operation to achieve complex products, high-precision processing , In the current population dividends dropped, frequent staff flow environment, has a very direct practical significance.
It can be seen that the premise of these opportunities is to improve their own product competitiveness, unique to our country walking thread cutting machine is concerned must be innovative transformation in order to seize these valuable opportunities.

Second, "Germany, only, show" - reciprocating thread cutting machine tool transformation and direction

The above analysis, has sketched out the WEDM "Germany, only, show" the direction of transformation and development path. Wire cutting machine "Germany" is high-quality high-quality high reliability, long with no bad; "only" is a comprehensive high-intelligent control, only fool-like operation can achieve high precision, high consistency of product processing; "Show" is the next great effort to practice internal strength, low cost to challenge the foreign takeaway machine tool hole, and then cost advantage to compete for the initiative; "show" is far from the shape, near the process, handsome in appearance, fine craftsmanship, Beautiful, environmentally friendly, clean. A change of domestic wire cutting machine "village girl" image.
"Germany, only, show" is not only the direction of transformation is the path of transformation, the order can not be reversed, like a person, regardless of appearance, ability, character first, in this regard some of the norms of enterprises worthy of praise in a In the walk in the noise of the noise, the down-to-earth R & D test, and even in the name of the wire are careful to act, fully embodies the sense of responsibility to the industry; but there are some enterprises in the process of cutting machine tool development process is not Product performance from top to bottom really hard work, only focus on the appearance of machine research and development, and even claimed to have a number of advanced technology, but in real users concerned about the technical indicators, precision indicators are flashing words, secrecy, users shouting after use.
Multi-cutting technology is the Chinese characteristics of the reciprocating thread cutting technology development direction, but the current level of comprehensive technical and market real demand is very different, 7% of the market share of GDP on the WEDM cost-effective requirements More demanding, 1.4 billion population of the country even the lack of demographic dividend, puzzling, but must face the reality; reciprocating thread cutting machine only to achieve high precision, high reliability, high intelligence for those small ancestors - The young wire cutting operator accepted; the operation of the complex staff quit, the accuracy of the boss quit, in the face of such a market, WEDM manufacturers can not have the slightest complaint, must be broad mind, always people-oriented Scientific development concept to spur their own, to provide them with high intelligence, high precision, high consistency, high reliability of the WEDM machine products in order to wire cutting machine field in place. And all of this eventually fell to the down-to-earth independent innovation, always with high indicators, high intelligence as the goal, as the starting point, adhere to continuous innovation, integrated innovation, intensive, step by step to go, in order to earnestly The gorgeous transformation of the cutting machine.

Third, the challenges of wire cutting machine tool innovation transformation

One of the challenges: the challenge of the macro situation
If the 2014 GDP barely maintained at 7.5%, we have felt the resulting bursts of chill, then 2015, 7.0% of GDP is likely to freeze our hands numb, if blindly Baotuan heating, do not fight The spirit of the activities of bones, it is possible to be frozen, and if the strong fight the spirit of the punched and kicked, and will come to the blood of two losses; do not have a sense of death, moving and find death suspects, can be described as silly boy sleep Cool kang full of fire and strong, in the final analysis is that we have to dare to fight at home and abroad to engage in the courage of innovation and transformation in order to withstand the challenges of further shrinking market demand.

Challenge two: the core technology of the challenges of independent innovation
Single technology innovation is not difficult, difficult is the multi-disciplinary multi-field integration innovation, more difficult is the multi-disciplinary multi-domain technical system of system integration; in the wire cutting machine to high-precision high-precision high-grade The direction of the transition on the corner, but when the wire cutting machine into the high-end areas after the mutual penetration of the technical system, it is difficult to isolate the research and development, foreign walking machine tool development process is also fully confirmed this; this is entirely different from the processing Center, the technical system is relatively independent, for the socialization of the R & D combination provides a convenient condition, multi-disciplinary multi-domain technology system innovation and development of these systems and integrated into the wire cutting machine tool transformation innovation has brought unprecedented challenges.
"Production and research" Although it is also a wire-cutting machine tool product innovation and development model, but in the technological innovation of scientific research and commercialization of the "production" side and "learning" side has a different appeal, often there is no product, So the "production and research" of the power mechanism remains to be further explored.

Challenge three: to be able to withstand the risk of business personnel brought about by the challenges
China¡¯s electric machine tool production enterprises come today is still continued with a long time will be divided into the pattern, but also far from evolution to the era of sub-long times, reciprocating thread cutting machine tool transformation is not a solution can be solved, The transformation of the machine must be built on a strong R & D team on the basis of the new labor law under the guidance of enterprises and employees is difficult to establish a close relationship between labor and capital, business fear Employees over the river bridge, the staff afraid of the business to read the monk, coupled with the lack of credibility of the whole society, only to treat as a link, the staff in particular, have a certain ability of employees is difficult to establish a deep relationship with the firm trust, not to mention electric machine Of the manufacturing enterprises are often small and medium enterprises, their own cohesion is limited. How to deep corporate culture cohesion of a combat strength of the innovative R & D team, will be more than wire cutting machine tool transformation more serious challenges.

Fourth, all intelligent walking wire cutting machine tool transformation innovation report

1, the electrode wire intelligent intelligent control system - the fifth generation of the iconic technology
Electrode wire intelligent dynamic control system is an original innovation and research and development, is a set of mechanical and electrical hardware and software software, such as the integration of innovative systems, the fourth generation of all intelligent machine walking machine wire, although the wire tension, diameter, But also to achieve the intelligent control, but the operation is relatively independent, the operation is more cumbersome, then the electrode wire intelligent intelligent control system is the upper wire, tight wire, wear silk direction, tension control, diameter control, wire speed control For system integration, completely through the dialogue of the way, so that the operator is very easy to complete the control of the wire wire all the settings, and then a key to get in the intelligent operation compared with the fourth generation has a qualitative fly , So we put this technology is defined as the fifth generation, the technology will be officially launched in 2015 to the market; in fact, regardless of the wire wire intelligent control is the first few generations are the process and means to solve the problem, the market really Concerned or the machine can achieve the iconic technical indicators:
1), surface roughness: Ra ¡Ü 1.0 ¦Ìm / 30000 mm².
2), the consistency of the size of the error: ¡Ü 0.005mm / 30 pieces.
3), longitudinal dimension error: ¡Ü0.005 / 100 mm.

2, the control of one of the wire for the special CNC system - SYCUT
2.1, completely independent intellectual property rights
2.2, XP operating platform
2.3, inheritance HF system function,
2.4, matrix screw function, XYUV axis all AC servo control
Control integrated CNC system is an important part of the whole machine in the machine, is to improve the quality and quality of the basic platform, is able to achieve the basis of continuous innovation in the wire to ensure that can not be controlled by others, must be in their own hands , So SYCUT independent research and development is strategic, which lasted five years is now fully commercialized, has been small batch on the market this year, 2015 will be fully into the market.

3,60 ¡ã large taper full intelligent walking wire series. Is a multi-domain technical system of original innovation integration, but also a major industry breakthrough in technology
3.1, the key precision indicators: the leading domestic
1), 60 ¡ã Surface roughness: Ra ¡Ü 1.2 ¦Ìm / 30000 mm².
2), 60 ¡ã, 28mm square cross-dimensional error: ¡Ü 0.03 / 28mm.
3), 30 ¡ã oblique square 200mm longitudinal dimension error: ¡Ü0.018 / 200 mm. (Mainly for large plastic mold oblique top hole)
3.2, technological breakthroughs:
1), five-axis linkage of the new concept: tension control F-axis and large cone head of the U-axis linkage, UV axis itself and XY axis linkage, the formation of a large taper in the machine-specific 5-axis linkage (different from the traditional NC five Axis linkage)
2), equipped with electrode wire intelligent dynamic control system
3), equipped with independent research and development of SYCUT wire dedicated control system integrated one
4), to achieve five-axis AC servo drive control; 5-axis all imported linear guide ball screw
5), independent innovation R & D vertical taper head parts, has been the national patent.
In fact, the motion accuracy is poor, because the long taper cut the surface quality is very rough, can not be used for more sophisticated machining, so the market will not care about the accuracy of large taper cutting Problem, when the large taper line cutting surface roughness to Ra1.0 ~ 1.6, the market demand for precision machine must return, only then the structure of the problem of large taper head was exposed, optimize the large taper mechanical structure is meaningful The
3.3, market positioning and application:
Precision plastic mold processing, especially the plastic mold has a higher thickness of the inclined top hole of the processing.

4, large trip all intelligent in the wire series
4.1, the key precision indicators: the leading domestic
1), surface roughness: Ra ¡Ü 1.0 ¦Ìm / 30000 mm².
3), the consistency of the size of the error: ¡Ü 0.005mm / 30 pieces.
4), longitudinal dimension error: ¡Ü0.015 / 200 mm.
5), machine positioning accuracy: by walking the national standard acceptance
4.2, the main structural performance:
1), 1600 ¡Á 1200 stroke large C-shaped structure of the column, the domestic initiative
2), the use of aviation grade cast aluminum alloy material, rigid high quality light
3), screw pre-stretch structure, to ensure the positioning accuracy of large travel
4), equipped with electrode wire intelligent dynamic control system
5), the table for the import AC servo control
4.3, market positioning and application: can be widely used in large-scale precision parts of the bulk processing, automotive and other large-scale precision molds production and processing.
Large taper and high stroke high precision low roughness wire cutting processing is China¡¯s WEDM industry blank, although there is a wide range of market prospects, but because the processing object is often valuable large complex molds and products, so the market risk Is also very large; WEDM precision machining is often the last one process, a knife set heaven and earth, there is no room for maneuver, so large taper and large trip line cutting machine not only to achieve high precision low roughness cutting, but also must be done Accuracy of the stability, continuity and consistency, otherwise it is difficult to adapt to the large car mold processing complex requirements.
It is the pride of the nation, but also because of perennial quality innovation breakthrough, combined with vicious competition, although in China¡¯s manufacturing industry to make a significant contribution, but in the CNC machine tool family Is also marginalized; Similarly, in the wire cutting machine, if there is no substantive breakthrough will be like fast wire, it is difficult to escape the NC machine family fade out of rivers and lakes, reduced to the fate of grass Kou.
"We do not dare to forget the country," China¡¯s current cutting machine tool technology transformation regardless of direction or route, in the final analysis is independent innovation, there is no shortcut to go. "The revolution is not yet successful, comrades still need to work." Also hope that the industry colleagues to revitalize the national industry as its mission, inherited the older generation of Chinese line cutting people¡¯s volunteer, in the reciprocating wire EDM core technology to achieve a new breakthrough.


Author brief introduction: Li Kejun, born in June 1961, general manager, engineer, mainly engaged in reciprocating wire EDM cutting machine multiple cutting and intelligent.
Contact: Sichuan Zigong cold water

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